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Pyrus Lord Profile

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Pyrus Lord Profile

Post by Pyrus Lord on Tue Sep 01, 2009 3:31 pm

Name Pyrus Lord
Age 13
Likes Bakugan
Dislikes School

Power Level: 500G

Ultimate Dragonoid
Power Level: 550G

Power Level: 340G

Alpha Hydranoid
Power Level: 550Gs

Gate Cards
All the character cards for bakugan above.

Ability Cards
Boosted Dragon: Increase 1 Dragonoid's power level by 100 Gs.
Fire Judge: If you have a Pyrus bakugan in battle, increase its power level by 100 Gs.
Fire Tornado: Transfer 100 Gs from your opponent's bakugan to your Pyrus bakugan
Chaos of Darkness: Allows your Darkus bakugan to attack anywhere on the battlefield
Ultimate Dragonoid: Transfer 200 Gs from your opponent's bakugan to your Ultimate Dragonoid. Also, nullify your opponent's Gate Card.
Terminal Trident: Allows your Ultimate Hydranoid to decrease your opponent's bakugan by 300 Gs.
Destroy Vanish: Allows your Ultimate Hydranoid to drain all of the total power Gs of your opponent's bakugan in this round.
Blue Stealth: Opponent's gate card is nullified, Transfers 50 Gs from your opponent's bakugan to Preyas.
Exceed: Increase your Ultimate Dragonoid by 200 Gs.
Final Demolition: Increase your Ultimate Hydranoid by 100 Gs.
Pyrus and Darkus Vertical Relation: If you are either a Pyrus bakugan against a Darkus bakugan, or a Darkus bakugan against a Pyrus bakugan, increase your power level by 100 Gs.
Darkus and Aquos Co-Relation: If you are a Darkus bakugan against an Aquos bakugan, increase your Darkus' power level by 100 Gs.
Pyrus Lord
Pyrus Lord

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